Benefits of Suspended Judgement





An idea will survive longer and will breed further ideas.






Other people will offer ideas which their own judgement would have rejected. Such ideas may be extremely useful to those receiving them.

The ideas of others can be accepted for their stimulating effect instead of being rejected.



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If you jump to judging ideas, you have no time to explore their value.

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Ideas which are judged to be wrong within the current frame of reference may survive long enough to show that the frame of reference needs altering.


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Don't Kill Projects






Practice Tips





During a brainstorming session, do not rush to judge or evaluate ideas. Don't regard judgment of evaluation as the most important thing that can be done to an idea. Prefer exploration.


Beginner's Mind

Challenge Assumptions



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Thereís a phrase in Buddhism, ĎBeginnerís mind.í Itís wonderful to have a beginnerís mind.

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Even if an idea is obviously wrong, shift attention from why it is wrong to how it can be useful.

Even if you know that an idea must be eventually thrown out delay that moment in order to extract as much usefulness from the idea as possible.




Instead of forcing an idea in the direction which judgement indicates, follow along behind it.






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Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

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