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4 Types of Problems

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Your Most Useful Dictionary

Problem is what you perceive to be a problem.

A problem is the difference between what you have and what you want. It may be a matter of getting something, of getting rid of something, of avoiding something, or of getting to know what you want.










Known problem, solution requires just action

Most of the problems in life stem from one cause: we can't get ourselves to take action. It's not that we don't know what to do. The problem is getting ourselves to follow through, overcome procrastination and resistance to change and just do it. Can be solved by adopting the right mindset and self-motivation.


Problem Solving

Turn Negative Attitudes To Positive Ones

'Can-Do' Attitude



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Your greatest and happiest action are those that you take with best intentions at heart without worrying about how you will be rewarded.

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Known problem, solution requires additional expertise

Requires for its solution more information, or a better technique for handling information, or additional skills, or different attitude. Can be solved by holistic, vertical and systematic thinking.


Good Enough Is Not Good Enough

Be Flexible



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Never be satisfied with minor improvements; look for RADICAL breakthroughs.

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Known, solution requires new approaches, reframing, and creative thinking

Requires no new information but reframing or rearrangement of information already available: an insight restructuring and questioning. This type of problems requires changing perceptual positions as well as holisticlateral and outside-the-box thinking for their solution. The best approach is turning problems to opportunities.


Problem Solving

4 Levels







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Solve a problem and you'll be successful for a day. Become a Great Problem Solver and you'll be successful for your lifetime!

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Unknown, need to be identified

The problem is to realize that there is a problem, that things can be improved and define this realization as a problem. Dealing with this type of hidden problems requires challenging assumptions, asking “Why?” and “What if?” questions, benchmarking, cross-pollination of ideas, and proactiveness.


Radical Improvement


Jump In!

Humorous Quotes



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Everything can and should be improved − look for opportunities.

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