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Team Building a Teamwork Shared Values How Create an Inspiring Vision Setting Goals 9 Roles of a Team Leader If You Think You Can, You Can Trust Synergy Vadim Kotelnikov Ten3 Business e-Coach: global success STAR TEAM, WINNING TEAM: How To Build a Dream Team - Team Building and Teamwork: 7 Characteristics of a Dream Team

 Teamwork is essential for competing in today's global arena, where individual perfection is not as desirable as a high level of collective performance. In knowledge based enterprises, teams are the norm rather than the exception. A critical feature of these teams is that they have a significant degree of empowerment, or decision-making authority. There are many different kinds of teams: top management teams, concurrent engineering teams, product development teams, quality improvement teams, and so on.

Build a Star Team, not a Team of Stars. Your team will not reach its potential if players are unwilling to subordinate their personal goals to the good of the team.

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