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Right Mindset Simple Techniques

Creative Problem Solving Turning Problems Into Opportunities Great Problem Solver How To Solve Problems (micro-course) Mini-courses GREAT PROBLEM SOLVER (Ten3 Mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov, PowerPoint download)

 28 Slides + 28 half-page Executive Summaries



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  1. 4 Types of Problems

  2. 4 Levels of Problem Solving

  3. Solving People Problems

  4. Negotiation as a Joint Problem Solving Process

  5. Separate the People from the Problem

  6. Selling Is Problem Solving

  7. Ask the Right Question

  8. Ask Searching Questions

  9. The Five-Why Method

  10. Work Backward Strategy

  11. Toyota A3 Methodology and 7-Step Method

  12. GE Work-Out: Two Types of Problems

  13. STRIDES Model for Solving Complex Problems

  14. Strategic Problem Solving

  15. Challenge Assumptions

  16. Reframing

  17. Take Different Perceptual Positions

  18. Creative Problem Solving: 6-Phase Process

  19. Lateral Thinking: Look for Wider Solutions

  20. Multisensory Immersion In the Problem

  21. 10 Brainstorming Rules

  22. See Every Problem as an Opportunity

  23. Turn Problems Into Opportunities: 6 Tips

  24. Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind

  25. Lateral Leadership: Involve Your Colleagues

  26. 7 DOs and 7 DON'Ts of Lateral Leadership

  27. Make Decisions Quickly

  28. Fast Idea Evaluation Techniques

4 Levels of Problem Solving6 Steps of the Problem Solving Process Positive Problem Solving          Sample Slide


Problem Solving Strategies. 4 Levels: Fixing, Improving, Creative Problem Solving, Finding Opportunities in a Problem




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