Remember: Your Internal Relations are Your External Relations

In today's connected and socially-networked world, management-employee relationships are not in-company matter any more.

Wise managers use this opportunity. They treat their employees exceptionally well to both enhance their performance and to create a positive buzz about the company and thus increase its brand appeal and STAND OUT from the competition.

Unfortunately, some managers don't due attention to the power of social media. They keep treating their employees in an old-fashioned command-and-control, often dishonest way and, by, doing so, destroy the brand appeal and the entire business of their company.




Educational Failure Story

Eternity Group hired a world-famous girl, the winner of the 'Best Ideas' award at a global contest, to work for them part-time on their global project. Two months later, top managers of Eternity Group told the girl that they loved her work and invited her to work for them full time and promised to increase her salary accordingly.

The girl accepted the offer and left the other part-time job to be able to work full time at Eternity Group. Yet, the top management of Eternity Group didn't keep their promise. When, two weeks later,  the girl informed them the top management that she had left her other part-time job and was ready to work full time at Eternity Group,  the chief executive told her that the company was not in a position to raise her salary due to poor sales of the main product.

What a mismanagement! Why did the top managers offered a part-time employee a full-time job − and asked her to leave her other part-time job − knowing that they would not be able to keep their promise? Did they realise that by behaving this way they would loose the turst of both their employees and their external partners? Yes, their external partners learned − via various Internet channels − about this trust-destroyng behavior and stopped gradually cooperating with the  trustless top management on their international "road to the future" project. The brand appeal of the company vanished.

Learn from this failure story

Respect and be honest with your employees. Treat your company like family − it does pay back!


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