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Jump to the next curve

Don't worry, be crappy

Churn, baby, churn

Don't be afraid to polarize people

Break down the barriers

“Let a hundred flowers blossom”

Think digital, act analog

Never ask people to do what you wouldn't do

Don't let the bozos grind you down





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Think digital, act analog
Thinking digital means that companies should use all the digital tools at its disposal – computers, web sites, instruments, whatever – to create great products. But companies should act analog – that is, they must remember that the purpose of innovation is not cool products and cool technologies but happy people. Happy people is a decidedly analog goal.  >>>

Never ask people to do what you wouldn't do
This is a great test for any company. Suppose a company invents the world's greatest mousetrap. It murders mice better than anything in the history of mankind – in fact, it's nuclear powered. The problem is that the customer needs a PhD to set it, it costs $500,000, and has to drop off the dead, radioactive mouse 500 miles away in the middle of the desert. No one at the company would jump through those hoops – it shouldn't expect customers to either.  >>>

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Don't let the bozos grind you down
The bozos will tell a company that what it's doing can't be done, shouldn't be done, and isn't necessary. Some bozos are clearly losers – they're the ones who are easy to ignore. The dangerous ones are rich, famous, and powerful – because they are so successful, innovators may think they are right. They're not right; they're just successful on the previous curve so they cannot comprehend, much less embrace, the next curve.






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