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4 WHYs of True Success

If you want to be truly master of your mind you need to pay attention to your daily thoughts. If you watch closely you will see your mind chattering away uncontrollably, reacting to all sorts of issues that really has nothing to do with you.

This can be extremely detrimental in the workplace.

Mind chatter is extremely inefficient and wastes a lot of your energy throughout the week. Furthermore, it reduces your ability to make optimal decisions.

You simply have too much in your head to stay clear.

Before you can address this you need to understand that as humans we are mostly emotional creatures.

We often use rational thought to justify our emotions.

The solution is not to suppress emotions, but to be fully aware of what you feel. That is why it is called emotional intelligence.

You need to allow the feeling to come through you but not engage in all the thought activity that takes place as a result of it.

With time and practice, you will see how simply feeling your emotions without following your thoughts will not only reduce the chatter but give you more control over your mind... More