Success Secrets

Be Greater Than You Are


Excerpts from Conquering Yourself, a 100-years-old manual



Always will I strive to be greater than I am. I must surpass myself. In each successive act, test, encounter, thought, I will be greater than in the one previous. I am what I am now, but in an hour I must be more than I am now. In everything must I exert more power to surpass myself.

The Wheel of Personal Success

From now on I vow I will try to act the part of a person ten times bigger than I am now, for by so doing, I construct greater powers in my own brain which will actually build me into such a leader. I refuse to longer be confined by the shadowy walls which heretofore have cramped me into a narrow sphere. From this day forth the word 'limit' is banished from my mind.

Develop a 'Can-Do' Attitude



Identify Your Life Mission






Be Different and Make a Difference!