Success Secrets

20 Legacy Statements

Bust Out Of Your Cocoon Of Contentment And Into A World Of Opportunity!


By: Glen Dietzel


Glenn Dietzel shares with you his own personal formula for his record breaking Internet success...


"I have known and worked with Glenn Dietzel for quite some time now and I am always amazed as his ability to be able to take abstract and complex ideas, concepts or problems and almost instantaneously process them into clear and concise actions plans."

Robert C. Smith, President, The Genimation Group

  1. Your Legacy always starts with insignificance.

  2. As you move forward out of procrastination, you don't have to get it perfect, you just have to build momentum.

  3. Get your Legacy going NOW; movement builds momentum and permanent habits of success.

  4. Feedback is the answer to all your prayers.

  5. Always take focused, inspired, outcome-driven action.

  6. The action you take right NOW always reveals the next action.

  7. You must look within for value, but must look beyond for perspective.

  8. Whoever has the strongest focus wins in the market place. Split concentration is why you fail.

  9. Your twin tickets to freedom: marketing and sales.

  10. Greater sameness will never get you better results. Be different!

  11. The road to your success is defined by doing things in the order of their importance...By doing what other people do not want to do!

  12. The language you use at your weakest moment is the key to driving your success forward.

  13. Safety is riskier than you realize. caution shouldn't be thrown to the wind, but without risks, life isn't an adventure.

  14. Always set goals in the context of those ahead of you the secret to quantum leaps is to think big and do small simultaneously.

  15. The closer you get to the goal line...the stronger your resolve must be. Success works on an inverse square formula.

  16. You can only see what you know. And what you know must be revealed to you by another person whom you connect with at a heart level.

  17. The key to moving forward rapidly is based on the quality and quantity of your pain: the pain of going back must exceed the pain of moving forward.

  18. It's not the idea but the presentation of your idea that is the key to your legacy!

  19. It's not the idea but the presentation of your idea that is the key to your legacy!

  20. It's not the idea but the presentation of your idea that is the key to your legacy!

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