Association Links for Memory Improvement

Keep your mind active by challenging it with interesting memory boosters

 By: David T, Author of Memory Improvement Techniques

Going to an important meeting, an appointment or an agreed date with a friend requires you to remember the date, place and exact time. If you happen to forget, it could destroy your reputation you've invested in for a long time (if it's an office matter) or could cut short the trust of a friend.

You can avoid common problems with memorization such as the one mentioned above when you have an uncluttered mind. It's important to stop whatever that is causing you to think and decide unclearly over things. It could also be that you have been using too much mental energy to help you get on with your work and when your brain needed to take a rest, you still pushed it to its limit.

If this is the case, then you need to keep your mind active by challenging it with interesting memory boosters. What you can do is to simply take one mnemonic exercise everyday and rehearse it over and over again for a few minutes and you're done. Yes, it is easy.

Let's use the link method as an example. Since the link method is the type of mnemonic that deals heavily with association and creativity, it is important for you to start imagining odd-behaving objects because were about to take it to the next level. Pretend that there are two people in the world you always get confused of over the other.

Their names are as follows:

Mr. John Brethover and Mr. John Bredthoner


These two gentlemen both live on Cherry Street. How to distinguish which is which? Imagine the first John, who always holds his breath each time he passes over a bridge. So the first distinguishing factor here is that you named Mr. Brethover as John I and imagined him as the John who always holds his breath when passing over a bridge. Next is another John. But picture him as a person who always carries bread in his coat and puts so much toner on his face.

Just by setting the two John's family names and using the link method to each of their last names, you are then able to
distinguish and remember which John of the two is which. Keep on practicing to broaden your association for memory improvement.



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